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1. Loving Kindness Meditation

   - Audio 8.30mins


2. Your core beliefs

   - written

3. Yoga Nidra

   - Audio 16mins

Loving Kindness Meditation


They are the beliefs that are almost set in stone. They are very convincing. They underlie every response and action that you take. Your mind lives your life around them.

These beliefs influence the way you view the world, yourself and your reality.

They are formed early in your life when you are like a sponge, soaking up beliefs you feel and hear from those around you, who you trust.

They can be directed towards yourself and be positive or negative.

For example:

  • I am not good at.......

  • I am too noisy..... or too quiet.


  • I have a beautiful voice

  • I am the pretty one, sporty one...... in this family.

They can be about how you view the world:

  • The world is a scary place

  • I need to hide my true self away to protect myself.


  • Life is an adventure and I enjoy the journey

  • Life gives me what I need to learn my lessons.


Taking time to stop and write down your deep seated beliefs will help you decide if they are still useful now.


Let's focus on the big two.

  • Write out your beliefs about yourself.

  • Write out your beliefs about how you view the world.

Take time to do this - Turn your phone off - Find a quiet place and just write.

Notice how you feel as you write but try not to judge what is happening.

Just allow it to be expressed.

You can then decide if any of these beliefs are out-dated, so you can let them go and create new ones.

Working on your Mindset really helps.


You CAN create the life your heart desires.


You just need to take time to do the work.

Express and release that which no longer serve you and trust your process.


If we do only live one life.....

Why not enjoy it!  AND TRULY  THRIVE!

Yoga Nidra

My Gift To You

Holly  x 

I hope

this helps you on your journey

of discovery