Our Gift

Wild at Heart offers Wellness coaching & face to face classes.

Holly helps clients from all over the globe.

Tune into the innate wisdom and power of their bodies.

To move out of the confusion of their heads'

and into the clarity and knowing of their Hearts.


To embrace Clarity


& Trust

To step into the Flow of Life.

Hollys' extensive tool belt includes

Yoga, Pilates, Pranayama, Body awareness, Meditation,

Conscious Movement, Mantras, Mudras, Mindset work & more.

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To help you THRIVE in this life.



Connect to your strength, subtleness and inner source of nurturing

to experience complete Well Being.


Connect to your Wild

Open Heart.

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  • Yoga Class                                      

  • Meditation Class



  • Moved HC - 1st Saturday of the month                                            

  • Hatha Yoga

  • YAP = Yoga & Pilates

  • 1 : 1 Personal Transformation  Class                  


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Our Vision
To help others connect to the Joy of a healthy body.
Quieten the negative voice in your head and
Guide you to live authentically from your Heart. 

To know your Path in this life and walk it with purpose, with trust. Connected to your inner wisdom 
and open to the Love within and around you.
Life is a roller coaster ride of adventure, heartache and Joy. How would it feel to keep your calm and centre whilst the storm rages around you?

‘Life is either be a daring adventure or nothing’

Helen Keller



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I help my students connect to the Joy of who they really are, their essence, their heart, through movement, breath and presence. So they can stop disconnecting and stay wholly true to themselves.

I guide them as a coach, teaching my clients how to make major shifts in their internal world to effect change in their lives.

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My Students Say It Best

Image by Patrick Schneider
“The moment I was in Holly’s presence I felt good energy.
Holly brings her whole self to every class and with her knowledge, experience and investment of her own energy every class is a beautiful experience.
I have had the privilege of joining one of Hollys Moved sessions and the discovery of self through dance was a process of letting go.
Such a liberating experience.
Highly recommend a class or session with Holly anytime.”

Jodi Frizzel