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Holly Carter Flying photograph

What does 'Wild at Heart' truly mean?

It means being completely and utterly You.

Raw, wild and unencumbered by set beliefs or an outdated mould.

To feel centred and free,

no matter in what circumstance you find yourself.

Being in tune to your innate wisdom and the power of your own unique body.

To not be hindered by the confusion or mess in your head

Instead standing in the clarity and knowing of your Heart.

Listening to your intuition and making choices from a place of Being

then taking inspired action.

How do you do this?

Yoga ~

helps you remember the connection of body, mind and spirit

Through breath work, physical asanas and guided meditation

Moving into health and wellness in body and clarity of mind.

Soul Flow mentorship ~

helps you acknowledge and shift old beliefs.

To remove any limits holding you back from living your best life.

Allow Holly to guide you back to the innate wisdom within you.

Book a FREE Soul Flow session here 

Holly Carter photo by Nic Duncan



I am a Dancer


Yoga teacher



Lover of Life and so much more.

I am All....

I am Nothing.

My Students Say It Best

Yoga Man Namaste
I’ve been attending Hollys' Yoga classes for several years
and can honestly say she is the best teacher I’ve had.
She is highly capable but caring and sensitive and makes her classes not just technically great but fun and with particular care for individuals.
Make sure you don’t miss out on this experience.

John H

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