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Holly Carter

I am a Dancer, Mentor, Yoga teacher, Mother, Choreographer, Lover of Life and so much more.

I am All.... and I am Nothing.


I have always loved to move and dance.

Movement = Life 

All About Holly

I am an older dancer.

I refuse to stop dancing because my body is showing signs of life.

Gravity may be pulling me down but that just means I have a stronger foundation and strength to take flight from. 

My life experiences have enriched my capacity to express through choreography and the movement of my body.


​Dance has always been my outlet and means of expression. I know when I am out of balance when I do not want to dance. 


My passion for dance led me to a career as a professional dancer, spanning 14 years. 

I attained the highest certificate through the Royal Academy of Dance 'Solo Seal.'

Performed with Rudolf Nureyev during his Australian tour. An inspiring experience.

At the age of 19, I joined the Queensland Ballet Company and performed in numerous works including Carmina Burana, the Tempest and The Four Seasons.

I attended the Victorian College of the Arts Bachelor course to attain more knowledge of Contemporary dance and choreography.

In 1998 I was invited to join the Australian Ballet Company and enjoyed performing in Swan Lake, La Bayadere and contemporary pieces.

From there I moved to the West Australian Ballet Company where I featured

as a soloist and choreographer for eight years.

I have loved the challenge of switching between the style of Ballet and Contemporary Dance. Both so different but equally expressive.


Being a part of the 'United' program celebrating 50 years of the West Australian Ballet and 40 years of the Australian Ballet was a wonderful experience.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the artistic outlet of choreography. 

Creating numerous solo works and group pieces on the WA Ballet Company.

Now I still allow this expressive form to flow through me for my dance classes, solo performances and Moving Portraits.

I have many high point of my career but dancing own choreography

'I Live' whilst pregnant with my first child, under the stars at the

Quarry Amphitheatre in Perth WA was a sure highlight.

Yoga and Pilates have helped me throughout my career. I was relatively injury free.

Meditation saves me when I have no time to myself

as a busy mother of two and business owner.

Choreography is how I express my gifts and

share them with the world through Moving Portraits.

As a teacher and Soul Flow mentor,

I hold space for clients to make major shifts in their internal world

to effect change in your life. 

Your heart knows the way. Tune into its knowledge.

Look fully at your fears and have the courage to follow your inner guidance, to find your Bliss.

Holly Carter

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All Videos

Holly Carter

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