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From Darkness to Light 

I invite you to watch on full screen with big sound
to experience the full effect.

From Darkness...

I created this Moving Portrait for myself.

I have been through trauma, pain and heartache in my life.

My aim was to show the connection to the Earth.

That even when you are down and deep in the dark night of the Soul,

you are held and supported.

To the Light.....

This Moving Portrait is currently being created.

Watch this Space. 

Starts at $5,555

The Darkness.

Holly will create a piece with the dark times as inspiration. 

It will be a homage to your courage.

A way to acknowledge your strength and power to transform.

The Light.

Celebrate where you are now.

Who are you evolving to Be.

What's Included:

Weekly calls with Holly

~ Get to know each other and begin the journey of creating your portrait.

~ Artists creative update.

~ Time to discuss music options.

~ Guided meditation to prepare you to receive + recorded version.

~ The presentation.

~ You will also received a recorded copy, posted to you.

You will receive two Moving Portraits (10-15 minutes)

Timeframe: 8 - 12 weeks 

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