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The Shift

This Solo was create for a husband who

was navigating how to live without the love of his life with him in his life.

The Shift

There are potent moments in your life that change its' trajectory.

A moment if fully grasped and consciously experienced can shift the direction of your path, moving you onto your highest timeline.


This Solo does just that.

It can be an energetic 'kick up the butt' so to speak if that's what is needed.

Or it may be more gentle, to ease you on your way.

Receive the healing of shifting energy.

The solo will allow you crystal clear focus.

Giving you energetic clarity to take the next inspired step into your future.

Holly will also create a guided meditation to set you up to fully receive your energetic downloads.


Starts at $3,333

What's Included:

~ Weekly calls with Holly

~ Get to know each other and begin the journey of creating your portrait.

~ Artists update and time to talk music.

~ The presentation.

~ Guided meditation to aide the shifting process.

~ The presentation.

You will receive a 5-7 minutes Moving Portrait 

Timeframe: 5 weeks minimum

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