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Moving Mudra Sequence for Love and Harmony

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Open and balance your energy with the sacred geometry of your hands. You have the whole world in your hands. Reconnect to this truth. Learn a moving sequence of hand positions to use as a simple yet powerful, meditative practise. Mudra = “seal,” “mark,” or “gesture”. Hasta = "hands". Your hands are the gateway to your heart. Sacred geometry is your gateway to more, To the ascended version of you. A path to balancing and harmonising your energy centres. Find your deep truth. Bring your Heart and Soul into harmony. Included in this short course is a visual Moving Mudra sequence that you can practise every day. The intention is to bring more Love and Harmony into your whole Being and your Life. Balancing your energy centres, your Chakras. More Information included in the short course. Including what each Mudra means. Option to join Holly Live in her group or 1:1.

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