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'Unlock the Power of Hasta Mudras. Yoga for your hands.

Mudra is a Sanskrit word which means seal, mark or gesture.

The mudras I am connecting with the most are hand mudras or Hasta Mudras.

I adore hand mudras because as the saying goes, ‘You have the whole world in your hands.’ This rings true when it comes to mudras.

Each of your fingers is connected to an element; earth, water, fire, air or ether.

When you create a Mudra with your hands you tune into a whole lot of earthly energy and so much more. They can open and cleanse your Nadis or meridian lines.

Your fingertips are an important way for  you to connect to the world around you and also within. 

Mudras have been imbued with energy from the Yogis for centuries.

We get to access that when we practise them.

Connecting more effortlessly to the life force or prana.

To move into exquisite Flow.

Hand Mudra to connect and trust the heart
Unshakeable trust mudra

This Mudra is Vajrapradama.

Translated as the Unshakeable trust seal.

Trusting the inner wisdom of your Wild heart even when your logical mind does not understand.

Trusting your body to show you the way.

Trusting your path.

As we travel through the different stages of life, mudras can help. 

They can open blockages in a chakras, which can create pain, confusion, anxiety, depression and lots of other emotional and/or physical symptoms.

This is why I'm creating a course.

A flowing sequence of Mudras to ground, balance, empower, open, express your true self, find clarity and connect to the Divine.

Each sequence is connected to a chakra. An energy centre within you.

To fully ignite and inspire your full expression of Self.

To truly Reclaim Your Essence.

But don’t take my word for it.

Come and see for yourself.

Course starting soon.....

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