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10 minute tune ups.

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Pushed for time but still want to look after your body & mind?

Then 10 minutes is all you need.

I am creating short classes that draw from my knowledge of Pilates and Yoga.

Connect to your core so your body is supported, stable and strong.

Mobilise your body, finding space in previously tight places.

Your body is the only one you are ever going to have so why not give it some well deserved attention and Self Love.


The aim of this class is to bring your awareness to your core and mobilise your spine and hips.

Your core is mulha bandha in Sankrit.

Mulha = root or base

Bandha = lock

By focusing your attention on mulha bandha, the energy you create is kept within the body. It moves along your central axis, through the body's energy centres. Keeping your spine healthy and full of prana, the life force.

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