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Be Moved with Holly Carter

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Throughout the ages Dance has been the Art-form that enables us to physically move stuff out.

A way to express and shift anything that needs to move on.

We move to release,

We move to celebrate,

We move to fully be present in our bodies.



When you really get into dancing, all thought leaves you and you embody your true essence.

You remove the veils of the stories that have been created and allow the body, mind and spirit to move together in synergy.

Moving out of judgement.

Moving out of labels.

Moving more fully into Being.

This year why not get into dancing more... Turn up your music and move however you want.

Feeling stuck? Feeling low? Pop on your favourite song and go wild!!!

Let your heart express whatever comes up for you through movement.

If you prefer to Dance with others, come join us at 'Moved HC' or 'Adult Contemporary'. (More details in Services.)

Contact Holly if you'd like a Zoom option.

Move your body and connect more deeply to your Wild Heart.

My Heart to yours,

Holly x

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