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How to start a meditation practise

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Meditation has been proven to lower stress levels, increase concentration, control anxiety, promote mental health and increase kindness.

Sounds amazing doesn't it?!?!

Why not give it a go......

Aim for a do-able amount of time.

5 -10 minutes a day is the perfect way to start.

Commit to practising at the same time each day to keep you focused and motivated.

Early mornings are the optimum time but if there is another time where you will be undisturbed, go for that.

When you are starting out with meditation it can feel impossible to quiet your mind.

It's takes you through your day. Talks about how terrible your body is feeling. Says this is bloody hard..... and goes on & on & on.....

Guided meditation is a great way to start as the voice is your focal point

Guided meditation gives you a voice to focus on. It is your anchor point, which you continue to bring your awareness back too.

Yoga asanas prepare your body to find a comfortable seated position that can be held for a long period of time. If sitting crossed-legged isn't good for your body yet, you can elevate your pelvis by sitting on a bolster or pillow. Otherwise sit on a chair.

It is important that your spine is long and lengthened, maintaining its natural curves to allow your energy to Flow.

Practise makes perfect

Patience and consistency are key.

Just like a muscle you strengthen and build with practise and repetition, so too your mind finds more clarity through practising meditation. It develops more focus, can be more creative and not so busy and chaotic.

Remember to notice what goes on for you without judging yourself harshly. Be patient and consistent and wait to feel the benefits.

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