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Soul Flow Dance

It is all about tuning into the wisdom of your body.

Taking time to really feel what is happening from the inside out.

Not with the mind controlling.

Not with your stress levels controlling

Actually allowing your body to just Be and be Moved.

Often we go through life disconnected from our bodies.

The two extremes of disconnect are:

  1. that we forget to feel our physical form.

  2. Or that your body actually keeps calling out to be heard with aches & pain continuously bombarding you.

Both usually mean we are not listening.

Just pushing through.

Constantly striving.

Could you soften?

Could you invite your mind to relinquish control?

Could you allow your Heart to open?

Could you allow your body to move into intuitive flow?

This is what Soul Flow dance enables you to do.

It is a mindfulness practice.

A moment to moment invitation to be fully present.

Come join us.

Classes first Saturday of the month.

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