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Stretch and Release

This morning when I sat down at the beach during a walk with my dog, I notice the cutest green caterpillar on my jeans.

It was stretching out, then curling in. Stretching long, then closing in.

She was magical to watch. So delicate and vulnerable, yet strong & able.

The sounds of the ocean was my soundscape.

The continuous ebb and flow of the waves. Smashing forward and then retreating, retracting.

You can see this expansion and contraction in nature everywhere.

Sometimes it's fast and obvious like the waves. Other time it's slow and subtle like a mountain breaking down over eons.

Your life too, follows this pattern.

Breathing in, you open & expand.

Breathing out, you soften & release.

Sometime life is full of Joyous celebration. New life sprouting all around you. Filling you up with buoyant experience.

At other times it is about shedding and releasing. Allowing the vulnerable side of you to be exposed & raw. Taking time to be nurtured and held. To soften and rejuvenate before the next surge forward.


Our bodies are designed to do this too. Stretching long and contracting short.

Practising Yoga is the perfect way to continue to maintain your physical health. To create lubrication in your joints and suppleness in your muscles.

Dance is also a movement avenue. It is one of the oldest forms of creative expression.

Tuning into the Joy of your physical form, to be moved by the music, can be a cathartic experience or simply about enjoying the moment, having fun.

Come join me for Soul Flow Dance.... The first Saturday of each month 6-7pm AEST.

💠 Zoom option available

💠 Bookings on Timetable

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