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Life is a series of small and large miracles.

Firsts and lasts

From the miracle of conception to the miracle of your first heart beat,

to your first breath,

Your first Love

Your first kiss.

The first time you felt that life was so much more than just you alone.

When you felt that deep connection to unconditional Love.

Have you felt this?

What inspired this feeling within you?

How does it feel?

Our bodies are magnificently designed antennas. They pick up all sorts of sensations and messages as changes in energy.

Our brain and minds then perceive these messages and interpret their meaning through the lense of our stories.

We see and feel so much more than our conscious mind lets us know.

How do we release the filter of our past?

How do we truly see?

Through the Heart.

The Heart is where the miracles are experienced.

The Heart is where heaven and earth meet.

It is where the energy centres of tangible, earthly substance join with the more ethereal energy centres from above.

These energies dance within your heart centre and flow forth into the world.

Expressing your uniqueness is a miracle for others to enjoy.

You are a miracle.

These questions are truly exquisite questions.

They start you on the journey within. The journey to your depths. To find your true Essence.

My Moving Portraits hold the key also.

They connect deeply to your Essence.

The deep nature of you.

Moving Portraits move through me from above and below to miraculously dance out into this Earthly existence.

They are like a leap into the dimensions of the Heart & Soul, without the veils of stories hiding the truth.

They allow you to feel the depth of Love that it is all immersed within.

A Moving Portrait is like a portal to another level of experience.

Unconditional Love, deep compassion and an energetic opening.

Below is the latest creation that was birthed through me.

‘The Celebration’

A gift for a Dear man. To celebrate his 33rd birthday.

It is a deep remembrance of the light within us all.

The Exquisite Joy of our true nature.

Only a few spaces left this year for an opportunity to experience the creation process of a Moving Portrait. Journey with me.

Experience all the dimensions of creating Art from just an idea into physical form.

There is so such magic to be experienced within the journey

It could be a gift for you,

Or a gift for another.

What a unique present.

A Divine gift for the miracle of your connection to those closest to your Heart.

Please contact me to begin the creation process.

Have you also connected to the miracle within the lasts?

The last kiss.

The last spoken word.

The last heart beat.

The last breath.

Let’s celebrate the lasts as well, they are also portals to something….. somewhere…. someone….

My Heart to yours,

Holly x

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