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My Desire is to stay in my Soul's Flow.....

It feels so exquisitely open.

It feels like I'm always safe, from the inside out.

No longer using the old ways of protection,

of grasping for safety by tightening up, holding strong and toughening it out in silence. All that is achieved this way is that we remain small and closed off.

Soul Flow is expansive.

Soul Flow is FREEDOM!!!

It is knowing you are safe because you are always shining true from the inside out.

Shining your inner Essence forth,

Your light is so bright it burns away anything that doesn't resonate.

If you are reading this and it sounds a touch scary, come be held in Sacred Space.

Book a private Soul Flow Session.

Remember your wings of Light and Dark, of Love and Daring.

Another gentle way to connect to this expansion is Soul Flow Dance.

Dip a toe in...

Give it a taste.

Here's a Testimonial...

"Soul Flow dance is a different experience to any other of Holly’s classes. She brings out the essence of expression through movement, allowing a new type freedom to be enjoyed."

"I particularly enjoy dancing through each chakra, I was aware of being more mindful."

"Holly connects and allows each person to develop at their own pace within their abilities. Each session is rewarding and satisfying, held in a calming atmosphere."

Sue, Corlette

SOUL FLOW DANCE is monthly Saturday 6-7:15pm.

Check the timetable for more deets.

Next one 13th April I'm soooooooo looking forward to it :)

Has what I shared this morning.

My Heart to yours,

Holly x

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