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Today's Epiphany

When things flow seamlessly and with gentle Grace, that is when you are in your Soul's Flow. The path you are here to walk.

It doesn't have to be suffered. It can be received in gratitude.

The challenges seen as opportunities to expand.

Honouring the feeling of your Heart.

Expressing its' Wild nature.

My epiphany today was that I needed to name my Yoga classes to reflect what I share.

It has inspired me to change the name from Hatha Yoga classes to Soul Flow Yoga.

Yes my background is Hatha but it is also Purna yoga,  it is also Iyengar, it is also Restorative Yoga, it is also trauma aware Yoga,  it is also Yoga Nidra, it is also guided meditation and mindfulness.

My classes bring wisdom through from all of my experiences of life so far and also the downloaded messages that flows through me. I am intuitively guided,

My past was all about Dance. Flowing movement and the expression of my gift through my Soul.

Pilates kept my body safe.

Yoga kept my body, mind and spirit in alignment, healthy and open.

All this knowledge now comes through into my classes.

It truly flows uniquely in each session.

Soul Flow Yoga

Soul Flow Dance

Soul Flow Mentorship

Heart centred Yoga

Personal Transformation class

Moving Portrait experiences

and so much more

Intentions are powerful.

As are Yours.

My intention is to guide you into a deeper, truer experience of your Self.

This quote appeared to me serendipitously today to bring this truth even deeper.

Come join us on the mat in the studio or online and experience what moving in joyous flow feels like.

Move into your Soul's Flow. Contact me for a free 30 minute session to find out how.

My Heart to yours,


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