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The Body is the Gateway....


You have probably heard the phrase 'your body is a temple.'

But what does that truly means?

Well, you only have one body, so if you don't look after it you are pretty much stuffed.

It also points to the idea that your body houses your Spirit or your Life force.

When you die, your Spirit or life force leaves your body.

The body temple ceases to hold life.

You have probably gone through periods of your life where you have really nurtured your body.

Maybe you had more time for yourself at that point.

You may have felt your energy levels were high.

You slept well.

Your mind wasn't so busy.

So why do we feel that creating time for us is too hard, or not important enough?

Your body works efficiently and smoothly when treated well.

It doesn't feel like an old rusty car, creaking and stiff

but more like a car that is much loved and cared for. A well oiled car.

Like the analogy? ;)

The 8 limbs of Yoga helps us maintain physical & mental health.

Cleansing is another way to release old habits.

Do you find sometimes that you feel stuck in a rut?

Repeating the same old patterns even though they don't make you feel good?

Would you like to shift them?

Contact Holly when you're ready.

She is a Soul Flow coach who guides you to move into the flow of life.


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