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What is a Moving Portrait?

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Great question.

People ask me this question quite a lot.

A Moving Portrait is something totally new. Hence the desire for understanding.

It is a creation that brings together all of my past experience.....

Dance, philosophy, Mindfulness, Yoga, Connection to the Divine, my inner intuitive creation of Dance.

Which all allows me to open you to a greater awareness of yourself.

You are the Muse.

You are the integral part to the creation of Art, to the Moving Portraits' final expression.

A Moving Portrait is a Dance representation of your inner Essence.

That which makes you uniquely You.

Your individual vibration.

It is a healing journey we take together. An element of my Soul Flow Mentorship.

I hold space for you to deeply connect to your Divine Essence.

The Dance is an expression of the healing your Soul desires for you.

It is a gift,

~ for You

~ For someone else

~ A Celebrate of an event or milestone

~ A Shift

~ A remembrance and honouring of your journey 'From Darkness.... to the Light.


Below is my interview with the Divine Tamala Ridge.

I find talking to someone about what it is I do really helps to clarify my message.

We talk about my path in this life, how Cleansing opens the door to your intuition, my path in this life and so much more.


If you'd like to see if you align with what I offer,

click the button below and go through the application process.

Or if Soul Flow mentorship intrigues you,

apply for a Free call here.

As always,

My Heart to yours,

Holly x

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