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What is Soul Flow Dance?

It is about reconnecting to the flow of energy through the movement of your body.

Releasing negative thought and the controlling mind.

It is about remembering how your body can guide you.

Giving yourself the freedom to Be. Exactly as you are. Imperfectly perfect.

Embracing the uniqueness of You.

Photo by Helen Bragg from #Nightjarphotograghy

'I have always felt a sense of freedom when I dance.

It's like all my cares and worries leave me and I am totally in the moment.

Connected to all



Unencumbered.' Holly Carter

Soul Flow Dance is designed to connect you to this sense of freedom as well.

To move out of the judging mind that sees only fault..... and move into the lightness of Now.

A sacred space is created for you.

A space that allows the participants to be held and their unique journey honoured.

Being in this safe place enables you to release any old stored emotions.

To move your body however it wants to move and shift stuff out.

We have forgotten that our bodies know the way.
They are designed to move and shift, to ebb and flow with life.
Your Body is the Gateway to allow your Soul to Soar.

Holly intuitively creates a playlist.

Each session has a different intention and the music is designed to powerfully enhance this intention.

February's focus is on the creative power within your pelvis.

Your pelvis is your powerhouse.

This is the place where your masculine and feminine energy dance and merge.

Your hips hold emotions that have not been given time and space to be expressed.

Get them moving and surrender. The gift in moving is that you do to need to consciously know what needs to shift, your body just does it for you.

My invitation to you is - When the session is finished, notice what feels different for you. How does your body feel? What's happening within your mind?

You may be pleasantly surprised.

Everyone is welcome.

Online option available.


'Holly created a nurturing and safe space for me to process my emotions through dance. I felt safe, at ease and really peacefully nurtured at the end of the session.

The Soul Flow Dance class is a wonderful class which I found to be fun, highly therapeutic and a great work out too.'


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